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X-GIANTS Consulting

X-GIANTS Consulting Introduction

X-GIANTS consulting is a platform company that includes five major businesses of "Commercial Science, Expert Think-Tank, Research, Momentum Growth Consulting, Investment Intelligence", helping enterprises with excellent products and services or technical barriers to realize energy connection and kinetic growth.

X-GIANTS consulting as a partner of Intelligent service platform with fast-developing enterprises, has an ability to integrate capital resources, provide strategic planning and professional consulting services which organizes capability development and digital consulting as the cornerstone, by building an in-depth industry insight and research capacity, advanced business education services, covering experts think-tank service in the whole industry.

X-GIANTS consulting is a member of X-GIANTS International Group, which is the leader of "Investment Intelligence, Combination of Industry and Finance ". Business of X-GIANTS consulting is rooted in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, even covering the whole country. We are centered on Momentum Growth Consulting, in order to to construct investment intelligence ecosystem, and we regard that close business collaboration to create great value as our mission.

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